Why Pride & Joy
Our Purpose

Our single purpose is to:

Entrepreneurize the remarkable people amongst today’s unemployed.

By creating a world class value added brand from the very best of New Zealand primary ingredients. Through a completely radical manufacturing, distribution & marketing ecosystem. And building a brand and business that creates one new entrepreneur every single day. Forever.

Phew. So what does that mean? Really.

Simply put, it means – make the world’s best ice cream, with the world’s best ingredients from New Zealand. Make it in these cool little micro factories that fit on the back of a truck (really) and sell it through even cooler, and even littler, silver pods designed by a leading New Zealand architect. And the best bit of all (we think) is that each pod will be fully owned and operated by someone who was previously an unemployee. They own the business, they run it, and they bank all the profit they make.

our purpose?
where did we start?

We started thinking about making things? Clothes? Leather? Yet to be invented widgets? But eventually we came around to the idea that what we really needed was to create opportunity. Opportunities. Opportunities for people to get started on their own remarkable journeys. And we wanted to make it real. Not some rah rah Tony Robbins talkfest (with no offence to Mr Robbins who says a lot of very wise things) that gets people excited, but mostly evaporates on the way home. Nor like an entrepreneurial course at University (oxymoron?) that teaches you a lot about Steve Jobs, but nothing about paying GST, or how to work your way through council hierarchy. Nor a “yes we can help” brochure from the bank. Which really means “No we won’t”. Sorry we digress…

So we said – what can New Zealand do better than any other country in the world. Play rugby? All Blacks have that covered. Sail boats? Hmmmm. Start successful internet businesses and become millionaires. Hmmmm.

What about Grow grass and make milk. Bingo. Now that we can do.

What does New Zealand do with most of its milk? Well. We take it out of the cows. We put it in big driers. We put it in big sacks, or if we’re lucky little cans, and then we ship it to China. Good plan if you have $200million or so spare cash. No offence –but if that’s NZs idea of added value we need to rethink things just a little.

What if you have a little less cash, but a bigger idea? What if you wanted to build a great food brand that really added value. How about taking $1 of milk and turning it into $30 of finished product (not $2). And make people happy along the way.

And a product that is sold in every country in the world. And eaten by almost every person from 2 years old to 100 years old. And New Zealand can make the best in the world.

Impossible. No actually. It’s called ice cream.

Sometimes simple is best. Scratch that. Simple is always best. And what is simpler than ice cream? Right? Well, actually quite a lot of things as we found out, but by then we were hooked.

why ice cream?

Ice cream has 3 important things going for it:

1. It’s consumed in every single country in the world. Every one.

2. It’s an affordable luxury that almost everyone loves. Some say it’s physically impossible to be sad when you're eating ice cream.

3. New Zealand has the ingredients to make the best ice cream in the world. The Swiss and Italians like to think they do – but have you seen how their cows live, and what they eat.

And the biggest innovation in Ice Cream in recent years? Make it in Switzerland and ship it to New Zealand? Fill it full of air and artificial flavours and call it frozen yoghurt? Flavour it with crushed tree beetles from the Amazonian Rainforest (well not really, but you get what we mean).

What about taking the time and effort to source the best ingredients, the very best milk and cream from a farm you can go and see; using the very best ice cream maker New Zealand has, using the very best churns (yes, from Italy because that’s where they are made); and make the ice cream fresh and local – near where you eat it – in purpose built little factories that we move around the world to wherever we start making ice cream. And then rather than sell it from a ___________________ , we sell it from beautiful little silver cubes (PODs) designed by a leading New Zealand architect that look like street art rather than a left over Ministry of Works caravan from the 1970s (if it was the 60’s they’d be cool, but it’s not, and they’re not) in unexpected places – just when you need an ice cream.

And gather remarkable unemployees to own and run these PODs of JOY. For themselves.

That’s JOY.

why ice cream?
Our Mates
  • NZSki for bending over backwards to accommodate our initial test market on Coronet Peak this winter.
  • The Auckland Food Bowl for helping us with early product development.
  • Crowe Horwath (Queenstown) who helped us enormously with a financial biz model.
  • Geoff and his team at Just Build It (Queenstown) for building our prototype POD in 10 days when no one else would.
  • Green Valley Dairies and their very special cows. Especially Bessy.
  • Alex Swney – CEO of Heart of the City. He’s moved mountains for us. Deeply indebted.
  • Precinct Properties – Andrew Stringer and his team have been miracle workers and they are a great example of a big corporate taking social responsibility very seriously.
  • Guy Fisher. A one man creative Tour de Force. Always gets it quickly – and makes it better. An incredible influence on the Joy story telling.
  • Brian Richards at BRR for his ongoing wisdom, and nudging us firmly in the right direction early on.
  • A huge thank you to the many people that have helped us bring Pride and Joy to life. You know who you are, an ice cream is on its way!
why ice cream?