Joyalty Cards Terms and Conditions

  1. Stampometer multiplier is as per the MetService website at the time of sale as per the Metservice App;
  2. Stamps may be transferred from one card to another only if the card is the customers card in the first instance and not that of a third party;
  3. Any issues with the Joyalty card are to be directed to;
  4. All earned stamps must be claimed at time of purchase;
  5. Joyalty cards can only be redeemed and stamps accumulated at the pod designated on the card by the podster. When no pod is designated, the card may be stamped and redeemed at any pod;
  6. “Free” relates to a single scoop of ice cream in a tub or a cone. At the discretion of the podster, this may also be for any other product offered at the Pod;
  7. To collect one free product, numbers 1-5 must be stamped. To collect two free products numbers 1-10 AND Free must be stamped;
  8. Free products may be claimed at any time once the stamps are completed, for instance you click 5 stamps in one visit you are able to redeem immediately;
  9. The Joyalty scheme may be cancelled at any time if fraudulent behavious has been identified;
  10. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time;
  11. The card must be used to spread Joy!
  12. The customer must be smiling when receiving their stamp.