how we make joyWe make all of our ice cream locally.  As close to where we sell it as possible. That makes it fresh. Delivered daily to the pride and joy pods. Churned in tiny little batches in the finest Italian ice cream making equipment.

Using fresh cream from Green Valley Dairies, and the very best ingredients from the very best new Zealand suppliers, Fruit from Barkers of Geraldine; Vanilla from Heilala; etc etc

why buy joyJoy is some of the finest ice cream made anywhere in the world.  Using only the very best ingredients. But more than that we believe in shared prosperity for all of our partners – especially our Joy Pod owners.  Each joy pod is individually owned by a remarkable “Unemployee”. Individuals who were up until they found Joy – still looking for an opportunity.

We have provided business training, low cost of entry, funding, and most importantly opportunity to these remarkable individuals to get them started on their entrepreneurial journey.

food allergy

coneonly the best ingredients

There are No artificial colours, No artificial flavours, No preservatives and definitely no penguins used in any of our ice creams. And unlike many mainstream ice cream manufacturers, we don’t blend in a lot of air to our ice cream in the churning process to make each scoop cheaper. So, there is more ice cream in our ice cream. Lick it. You’ll believe us.

When Ross went looking for ingredients, they were told “get the best”. That’s why we bring our fruit all the way up from our friends at Barkers™ in Geraldine (mid Canterbury), our milk from the much loved and really clean cows at Green Valley Dairies, and pure vanilla from Heilala™. We even sent Auntie Mary to Jamaica to get rum. But she never came back.


fresh is best

The fresher the ice cream the better it is.  That’s why we have committed to batch churning joy ice cream and little factories close to our markets, rather than shipping ice cream half way

around the world.  Using innovative New Zealand design and construction techniques – we have built a state of the art “factory in a box” concept, that allows us to make Joy ice cream close to where we sell it.


special cow


no artificial anything