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Who is Joy for?

If you are happily employed, enjoy the corporate ladder, or don’t like making people happy then read no further – JOY isn’t for you.

But if you’re unemployed, underemployed (in a job that, let’s face it, basically sucks), looking to start your own business and want to make people happy, then JOY can help.

JOY is a company that wants to make people happy. You included. We make amazing New Zealand ice cream, make it locally near you with the best New Zealand ingredients in it, and sell it in amazing little silver pods.

But that’s just a starting point. What we are really about is making entrepreneurs (yeah we know that’s a bit of a wanky word, but we can’t find a better one).

We want to help people get a start in their own amazing journey. We’ve created JOY to do just that. If you have the right attitude, the right motivation, and the right learning ability – then JOY could be just what you’re looking for.

You don’t even need money to start – our friends at Kiwibank can help you with that. So JOY is for people who want to do their own thing, but are finding it hard to get started. It is hard. It’s complicated, and can be scary. Banks, tax, GST, inventory, councils… yuck. But we’ll show you the ropes, get you started, and give you a nudge in the right direction. We will help you set up your JOY business, make it profitable, and when the time comes help you out with your next adventure.

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How Do I Join Joy?

There are a few ways to join us:

If you are interested to be part of Joy the first step is to answer a few questions about yourself. It will help us understand if you are right for Joy and if Joy is right for you.

You want to stand out? OK, then send a 30 second video of yourself telling us about what you’re about. Send it to Up to you what you say. We’ll get back to you (guaranteed) We know how stink it is waiting and waiting and waiting so we’ll get back to you for sure even if it’s not very JOYful. But we know it will be.

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International Partners

Thanks for your interest in Joy.

We’re not your normal franchise company. Joy is a commercial business model that is strongly underpinned by a social imperative.

We are currently looking for International Partners to establish and operate Joy as master licensees in their local market.

Our International Partners manage an entire territory/country, responsible for everything from supply chain management, ice cream manufacture and marketing to brand management, recruitment and mentoring of the young entrepreneurs.

We are interested in working with partners who share our passion for developing our brand, empowering people, financial success and our commitment to delivering customers with the best ice-cream and the best experience, every time.

If you like the idea of helping spread Joy in your country, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line telling us a little bit about yourself and what would make you a great partner at and we'll be in touch.