About Pride & Joy Ice Cream

What is Pride & Joy Ice Cream

More people are jobless today than at any point in history … and it is not going away!

There are more than 100 million young unemployed aged between 15 – 29 in the World and this is growing every day. If something is not done about it, a whole generation could be dramatically affected and the flow on affects devastating.

Many of these people are Remarkable. We like to call them “Remarkable Unemployees”

Who are remarkable unemployees

Sadly, high quality un-employees are a growing trend… and it’s not just because there aren't enough jobs (although there aren't), it’s also because the most remarkable unemployees don't actually want them. They want their own gig. Sounds clichéd but they want to make a difference.

Core Values
Remarkable people 1

Remarkable People #1

Firstly, remarkable people who have left university and are still looking for their first real job. You’ve done everything that you were asked to: “Study hard, go to the right university and you will get a great job.” Ooops. Apart from the job bit. So you take a job you don’t really want, for a company you don’t really care about, doing something that changes nothing. Oh well. You’re in the majority.

Remarkable people 2

Remarkable People #2

Redundant. What a shitty word. Sorry, but it is.

These people are far from redundant. They have delivered their work for so long that their work has become part of what they do.  They don’t know how to describe their skills and experience in ways that recruiters and HR can tick the boxes on their forms. Then a new CEO comes in and Wham. Don’t blame him/her – that’s what theyre expected to do.

Success for us


The world is changing. No more guarantees. No more career paths. More like career roulette.

But there’s good news too. You can start something yourself. But starting something from scratch is hard. Really hard. Really really hard. Really really really… well you get the point. Because unless you have a rich Mum or Dad (well done if you do by the way) then no one will lend you the money to get started. “Sorry, you don’t have the experience/collateral/___________(fill in the gap)”.

So that’s where JOY comes in. We’ll stand beside you and help get you started. We won’t make stupid promises – it’s still up to you. But we’ve created a great product, and a pretty cool business model. We want to give people an opportunity to begin a remarkable journey, reconnect with humanity, have fun and make a decent living.

So if you want a gig. Not a job. If you want to run your own business, be your own boss, make your own profit – then maybe JOY is for you. Let’s talk.

6 step formula

step 1

Our brief to the ice cream wizard (aka Ross) was simple: “make the best ice cream you can, using only the finest New Zealand natural ingredients” (or something along those lines, it was late). So he did. Using milk and cream from Green Valley Dairies; fruit from Barkers of Geraldine; and vanilla from Heilala Vanilla.

step 2

Fresh ice cream is best. We make our ice cream locally every day where we sell it. In tiny little (but very clean) factories about the size of your garage. We call them Hubs. “Good things come in small packages” as my Mum used to say. Not from the other side of the world, or from something that looks like a nuclear facility.

step 3

We sell our fresh ice cream from beautiful little stainless cubes called Pods. Not some crappy kiosk that will sell you fries as well. Pods can pop up anywhere. You’ll know them when you see them. They are really shiny – and really cool. And each one is owned and run by a remarkable unemployee.

step 4

Each Pod is owned and operated by a remarkable unemployee. Someone who was jobless, or in a dead end job that completely wasn’t them (like Stephen). We only want people who are passionate about doing something great and having fun. They don’t need money. We can help them with that bit. They just need attitude. And Joy.

step 5

Simply the best ice cream. Like ice cream you remember from that beach holiday ages ago. So good you can still remember it. Simple favourites like Hokey Pokey and Chocolate – with an occasional new flavour to spice things up a little. But as any chef will tell you when asked “how do you make great food?”. They’ll reply “Don’t get in the way of the ingredients”. We agree.

step 6

We have something interesting coming. Watch this space. You’ll like it. We hope.

6 step formula